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About AAR

CARE's policy requires COs to hold an AAR after each large-scale (Type 2) emergency within 3-4 months of the start of the emergency event. Country Offices responding to smaller (Type 1) emergencies are also encouraged to conduct a brief ‘lessons learned' exercise following the response.

The purpose of an AAR is to capture and learn from lessons, so that improvements can be made in CARE's operational procedures, structures and policy. These will include recommendations to senior management in the CO, CARE and Lead Member. The AAR will usually take a workshop format that involves key staff in the emergency response from the CO, the Lead Member and other parts of CARE.

An AAR typically costs approximately USD5,000 plus participant costs.

It is suggested, that prior to the AAR, everyone participating in the response should answer the short questionnaire bellow. The answers should be consolidated and used in a preparation for the AAR.

1. From your perspective, what important events should be included in the two timelines?
  • Key events for CARE (e.g. circulation of emergency strategy, deployment of emergency staff, etc.)?
  • External events (e.g. disaster event(s), appeal for international assistance by the government, UN Flash Appeal, etc.)?

2. What went well?
  • What should we try and replicate next time? Could this be further improved?
  • What were the key reasons why this happened? What were the underlying drivers?

3. What didn’t go so well?
  • What can be improved?
  • What were the key reasons why this happened? What were the underlying drivers?

4. What are your key recommendations?

AAR Resources

Bellow are listed a few examples of AAR Resources. For more resources please visit Minerva or ECB Evaluation Database.

When conducting an AAR, please consult the following sample cover sheet as it contains information CARE is looking to find within an AAR.

Guidance for conducting an AAR

Sample AAR ToR

Sample AAR Agenda

Sample invitation to attend AAR

Sample AAR Facilitator Process Note

Sample AAR Workshop Reports

Sample AAR Participant Workshop Evaluation Form