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About the Standing Team

CARE's Standing Team of deployable Quality & Accountability specialists was established during Phase 1 of the Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) under the leadership of CARE International's former Program Quality & Accountability Coordinator, Jock Baker. The ECB project is a joint initiative involving six international NGOs (CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Save the Children and World Vision). Members of CARE's Standing Team are therefore not only available for deployments to support CARE Country Offices, but also to support interagency collaborations related to quality and accountability.

Members of this Standing Team are available for deployment to country offices to work on aspects of accountability, needs assessment, monitoring, or evaluation, as is requested by the country or interagency consortium. For such support, please contact CARE's Accountability and Impact Measurement (AIM) Advisor for assistance.

For more information on Standing Team download the Standing Team Terms of Reference

For information on how to access Standing Team services for interagency deployments visit ECB interagency Standing Team website and download a Request for Standing Team Deployment

If you do not have a user name and password for the ECBconnect website, send an e-mail to get access.

Capacity Building for the Standing Team

Importance of coaching and practice - CARE's Standing Team members are encouraged to participate in workshops organised both by CARE and by the ECB Project. However, hands-on "learning by doing" approach together with a more experienced Standing Team member as a coach has been found to be more important than training in a classroom. Even the design of the workshops tend to emphasize sharing of practical experience.

Click on the links below for summary reports from past CARE Standing Team Workshops. Complete documentation is available at the Quality & Accountability website on Minerva . Information regarding ECB trainings is available at the ECB Connect Standing Team website.

Standing Team Resources

Standing Team members will carry out activities requested by interested coutry offices or consortia according to the specific terms of reference prepared for the assignment. Standing Team deployments will typically be 1-4 weeks in duration and should be budgeted by the requesting country offices or consortia.

By clicking on the links bellow you can access resources for specific service provided by the Standing Team:

After Action Review (AAR)

After Action Review is an assessment made after every Type 2 emergency (and highly recommended for any response). The aim of the review is to discuss how the emergency response went, highlight good practices and to identify lessons learned. AAR's offer a good opportunity to reflect on the effectiveness of quality and accountability systems and to assess compliance with HAF.

Rapid Accountability Review (RAR)

A RAR is a rapid performance assessment of emergency response against CARE's HAF that takes place within the first few months of an emergency response.


Evaluations are a systematic and impartial examination of humanitarian action intended to draw lessons to improve policy and practice and practice and enhance accountability. External evaluations are optional, but are usually carried out in large scale emergencies or emergencies that use pilot innovative appriaches or that have a strategic impact on CARE.


Resources relevant to 'Trainings' are currently being collected and will be added in December 2011 or January 2012. A large collection of training resources are held by the Humanitarian training coordinator, and anyone preparing or interested in training should contact Megan Chisholm at for up to date and relevant materials

Setting up Accountability and Impact Measurement System (AIM)

Impact measurement means measuring the changes in people’s lives (outcomes) that result from a humanitarian project, striking a balance between qualitative and quantitative data.

Joint Needs Assessment (JNA)

The needs assessment process assists CARE to gather the facts and reach consensus-with COs, Lead Members and the CI Emergency Group (CEG)-about whether a response should be initiated or that no response is required.

Lesson's Learned

Circulation of Lesson's Learned promotes sector-wide learning between humanitarian organisations and from previous experiences to improve the performance of humanitarian action. ALNAP has examples of Lesson's Papers produced by ALNAP members or in collaboration with other organizations.

CARE's Standing Team Members and Coordinators

Alio Namata, Assistant Country Director, CARE Chad
Amadou Sayo, Consultant
Audrée Montpetit, Senior Humanitarian Program Quality Advisor, CARE Ethiopia
Clare Sayce, Emergency Programme Officer, CARE International-UK,
Daniel Seller, Consultant
Eilia Jafar, Manager, Disaster Management Unit, CARE India
Fortunato Amaral Fortunato, Gender & Protection Focal Point, CARE Timor Leste
Ingvild Solvang, Consultant
Katy Love, Project Officer, ECB Project, CARE USA
Muhammad Arshad, Director Programs, CI Pakistan
Oliver Eleeza, Technical Manager, Impact Measurement & Accountability, CARE Ghana
Sarah Ralston, Senior Technical Advisor, Program Quality and Learning, CARE West Bank Gaza
Sebastien Kuster, Horn of Africa Emergency Response Manager, CARE USA ECARMU
Tonka Eibs, Emergency Department, CARE Osterreich
Yves-Laurent Regis, Consultant
Ximena Echeverría, Project Manager, Project/Program Information and Impact Reporting System (PIIRS), CARE International

Alain Lapierre, acting Regional Emergency Coordinator (south and west Africa),
Caroline Saint-Mleux, Regional Emergency Coordinator (ECARMU),
Hauke Hoops, Regional Emergency Coordinator (LAC),
John Hoare, Regional Emergency Coordinator (MERMU),
Susannah Friedman, Regional Emergency Coordinator (Asia/Pacific),

CARE Standing Team members can also be deployed as part of the ECB project interagency Standing Team

Standing Team Coordinators & Accountability and Impact Measurement (AIM) Advisers for the ECB Project

Angela Rouse, ECB Manager, CEG, (CARE's interim AIM Adviser for the ECB Project)

If you are interested in joining the Standing Team, please contact Angela Rouse, ECB Manager, CEG,