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Welcome to CARE's Quality and Accountability Wiki !!!

What's new...

Everything! This wiki is constantly being improved, thanks in large part to the initiative and contributions of CARE's deployable Standing Team of Quality & Accountability specialists as they continue capture and communicate learning and guidance.

How to navigate this Wiki

There are five main pages in the Wiki, and they are listed under Pages in the sidebar on the left:

It is possible to return to this home page from anywhere in the Wiki, simply by choosing Wiki Home, located above the Pages section.

The sidebar on the left is visible from any page so it is easy to navigate to another page or access any of the Useful Links. The first group of links, CARE Links, includes the main sites those involved in Q&A at CARE access on a regular basis. Accountability Links features links to useful accountability sites and databases outside of CARE.

The last section, Discussion, allows users to post questions, best practices or otherwise collaborate with each other. In order to post, you must first sign in to the Wiki. However, It is not necessary to sign in to the Wiki in order to view its contents.

The top right hand corner allows you to link to other CARE Wikis you have joined via My Wikis, change settings in My Account, seek Help, Sign in or Sign out of the Wiki.

About this Wiki

What is (and what is not) the Quality and Accountability Wiki?
  • This Quality & Accountability (Q&A) Wiki is mainly a navigation tool and is designed as an easy-to-use and accessible hub for key information related to quality and accountability at CARE.
  • The Q&A Wiki is not designed to be a library or archive. An extensive reference library is available on the CARE Emergency Toolkit (CET) for CARE-specific resources or the Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB Connect) website for materials that are also relevant for other humanitarian agencies. Links to these (and other relevant) sites have been inserted to facilitate access.
  • What content is available on the Q&A Wiki is a minimal set of current best practice examples of policies and tools (guidelines, checklists, etc.) to facilitate the work of Standing Team of quality and accountability specialists and other interested staff members in CARE. Content will be replaced when updates become available or if another example is judged to provide a more useful example of good practice.
  • A collaborative space for CARE staff to share experiences, ask questions and engage in discussions related to Q&A.

Who is the primary target audience for this Wiki?
  • Standing Team members, sector specialists and all those who are involved in quality and accountability at the country and headquarters levels.
  • However, others seeking information about CARE's approaches and learning about Quality and Accountability are also very welcome to browse!

Why a Wiki?
  • Wikis allow for easy collaboration and discussion.
  • They are faster and easier to access than some other information portals used by CARE.
  • Other CARE wikis like the Program Quality and Digital Library (PQDL) and the P-shift wiki are successful: They provide a hub for information, facilitate online collaboration and are used by their target audiences.
  • This Wiki will join a growing community of interconnected CARE Wikis.

How to use a Wiki:

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